Archived: AquaTop Display for Interactive Bathing

Always in search of new things to blog about, we went out to the Digital Content Expo in Odaiba this Thursday and we were not disappointed.This is our first post showing what we found

The Aqua top display from Koike Laboratory is one of a kind.

Bathtub,water screen, game, toy, Japan, DC expo 2013

The idea came to one of its creators while in the bath, because of the difficulty of bringing an information device such as a personal computer or a tablet in the bathtub. The project took six months to be conceptualized and prototyped, though it’s currently still in the prototype phase.

water screen, display, bathtub, lights & colors, toy, Japan

The system is set up around a bathtub or a 600mm x 900mm x 250mm square plastic tank full of water mixed with commercially available bath milk, on which the display is projected. Both of the containers are equipped with waterproof speakers on the inside to provide greater interactivity. Above the water are suspended a projector and a depth camera (such as Microsoft Kinect) connected to a personal computer. Currently two displays can be projected on the water, a content viewer (for videos or photos) and a jellyfish shooting game.

The liquid display enables the user to become one with it, making for a truly immersive experience as the different functionalities of the display can be controlled both from above and bellow the surface level.

Though, as said before it is still in a prototyping stage, it it not difficult to take a leap and imagine this system being implemented in homes…imagining how much easier it would make a parents life when it comes to making their children take a bath makes it an interesting innovation…until said children refuse to leave the bathtub that is.


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