Archived: Augmented Reality Cosmetic Mirror in Tokyo

We just love digital tryvertising and this interactive terminal at Takashimaya department store in Shinjuku blew us away when we stumbled upon it a few months back. The Digital Cosmetic Mirror by industry giant Shiseido can be used to test make-up and recommendations without even having to pick up a mascara brush! Using augmented reality to do sampling is a novel way to involve consumers, and can be a useful technology for saving on waste as we cover in our ECO Japan innovation report.


All you do is sit down and let the camera scan your face. The terminal then gives you tailored recommendations. Pressing a few buttons on the touch-screen paints make-up onto your image in realtime, allowing you to see the results instantly. You also try out make-up that is currently making waves, along with printing out before and after photos with product information for you to go make the purchase of whichever colors caught your eye the most.




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