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creative commons attribution no derivatives

In keeping with the spirit of the Internet, we do our best to cite our own sources, both for content and for inspiration. Since we also provide a large amount of original material, our blog policy reflects this spirit as well and applies to our posts in all languages (English, German, and Japanese).

The “Shift East Blog” blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives license (click here for the legalese).

You may use our original content on these conditions:

• Links to our original content must be prominently displayed.
• The original post URL should appear on each page displaying site content.
• It is not used offline for commercial activity (reports, presentations) without notifying us first.
• The images are not manipulated in any way that could be perceived as negative.
• Our watermarks are maintained.
• Except in the case of quoting us, blog text is not copied word-for-word.

All comments are moderated, so please refrain from malicious posts including racism, vulgarity, potential libel, Viagra, and other such troublesome content. In short, please keep your comments on-topic, polite, and spam-free. While we do our best to maintain a healthy environment for discussion, CScout Japan accepts no responsibility for the content of comments made on the site.


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