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With the abundance of affordable DSLR cameras available today amateur digital photography has emerged as a mainstream hobby. In Japan DSLRs have grown in popularity among women as have the designs and accessories which are geared to their tastes.

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On March 2nd, 2013 an event targeted exclusively at female photo enthusiasts;  the 2013 Camerand Yokohama Girls Photo Festival will be held for three days.

Camerand is organized by Camera Bito and will be hosted by professional female photographer Mariko Yamamoto. Attendees will be able to try out new products, listen to digital photography seminars and experience a photo exhibition consisting of works submitted by the public in a contest prior to the festival. Entrance to the event is free and will take place at Yokohama Creative City Centre (pictured bellow).

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Co-sponsors of the event include major camera makers such as Olympus, Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm and mi-na. Camera Bit0’s Ustream site will broadcast the event live and currently have several films promoting the event.

Often bulky, unattractive and associated with men DSLRs are now available in several colours and stores such as mi-na and Rocce have surfaced which specialise in offering women fashionable accessories such as camera straps and carry bags.

Recently Nikon launched a woman centred marketing campaign ‘We Love Nikon 1‘ for their Nikon 1 J2 model which is available in several colours including pink. However, it should be noted that )based on non-scientific research we’ve conducted with electronics store staff) it appears that the women in Japan that do flaunt their DSLRs tend to prefer the classic black, white or silver cameras. Pink is offered, but more as a signifier to women that they are being catered to.

Joshi Camera, or ‘Women’s Camera’ (pictured bellow) is a magazine focussed on showcasing women’s photography and discussing new cameras and accessories. It also features interviews and blogs with well known female photographers and the layout seems more like a women’s fashion magazine than one about photography.

Camerand Yokohama Girls Photo Festival demonstrates the interest that companies have in the growing market of female camera enthusiasts and similar events are likely to spring up in the near future.

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