Archived: Coden Ear Scope GXL – 7400 Pixel Beauty Endoscope

The latest model from the popular Coden scope series: the 7400 Pixel – Beauty Endoscope – Ear Scope-74GXL – New with a dimmer for better viewing. It’s a huge hit in Japan, and has even spawned several independent ear cleaning shops using this equipment. With the included Japanese-style ear spoon it’s possible to easily clean even nook and cranny of your ears. In contrast to a standard cotton ear cleaner, ear spoons don’t push wax into the ear but gently pull it out.

coden earscope gxl 7400 pixel endoscope

You can see the result directly and are able to control it simply by looking through the lens. The bright LED lighting and 7400 pixel fiber optics make your view clear and easy.

EarScope is also useful for the examination of any kinds of openings and unreachable parts eg. self-examination of the mouth, teeth, nose, pores, back, hair, face, etc. The standard tip is good for the inspection of electronic/mechanical devices, or other dark and cramped places that are difficult to view.

Picture Documentation is also now possible by attaching your Digital Camera.
Adapter, Stick Light Guides and more can be ordered optional as accessories


By turning on the power switch, the top of the light guide (changeable with earspoon) will radiate by the integrated light source and illuminate the inside of the object/ear/opening brightly. At a distance of 0.8 – 2 inch from the fiber end, the picture is magnified by 4x the original object size.

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