Archived: Crowdsourced cup ramen via Mixi SNS

Cup ramen maker Acecook has been collaborating with Japanese SNS giant Mixi to create new flavors along with the community (login required) there. Since geeks are online alot, and are known for consuming vast quantities of instant noodles, this is a match made in heaven complete with blog parts (below).

mixi ramen 1

Users in the community (over 4000 now) could vote on flavor variations and even marketing slogans to promote the products that they help to design. Now that the innovation process is over, on November 28th there will be a special party for group members in Osaka to celebrate the new flavors that are being released in a few weeks. December 8th brings “Collagen noodles” and “Milk Tantanmen“, while December 15th is the debut of “Bacon, egg, and vegetables” and “Ginseng Chicken”.

mixi cup ramen 2Above are some variations from the previous campaign with Mixi.

Like we said, within Mixi this is a great match because of all the niche groups that can be tapped for their expertise (read: fanaticism) about certain subjects. It’s also a pretty controlled environment, so users are helping the process along with the company, not creating their own open-source cup noodle. With the chaos that is 2-channel, one can only imagine what kind of cup noodle they would invent in there.

Thanks to our friend Marco at CyberMedia for the tip!

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