Archived: Custom Cases for Candy Lifestyle

Ever reached into your bag to grab a packet of chewing gum to find that it had been squashed? Ever bought a lollypop and wanted to eat it later but couldn’t find any where to put it? Ever wanted to eat that packet of chocolate balls but have been too embarrassed to let people know what you are eating?

With wooden product-specific candy cases from Sweet D Life you’ll be able to keep your snacks intact and eat them in style.

Pocky Case

Designed for classic candy brands like Mentos, Mintia mints, and more the cases protect your sweets and gum from damage and present them as more than just something quick to eat, though that may be more of a Japan-specific need since the whole packet isn’t being consumed at once.

Fits Chewing Gum Wallet Case

Made from African Mahogany using traditional Japanese wood craft techniques Sweet D Life offers a range of cases for smartphones, business cards, coins, wallets and candy.

Chuppa Chup Carry Case

Each wooden candy case has been specially designed to hold the packaging size of specific confectionary brand, and is also designed to work beyond just packaging and accomodate graphics as well.

Case for Morinaga Chocolate Balls

Meiji Choco Baby Case

By working with classic brands that don’t change packaging often, this works with the popularity of a handful of confectionary brands in Japan and assumes a high level of brand loyalty among the buyers of these cases.

Mintia Case

With prices ranging from 3000 to 8000 Yen (US$32 to US$87) for one case they aren’t cheap, but for devotees of a particular product it’s not unreasonable either.

Meiji Chocolate Case

Smarties Case

In a way Sweet D Life are endorsing frequent confectionary consumption and loyalty to a specific brand of sweets, but also the lifestyle of having the products and showing them off. It goes beyond the quick eat and dispose mentality.

Tube Case

Offering such elegant and stylish wooden cases for confectionary that usually costs less than 2oo Yen (US$2.5) is an interesting concept, but perhaps that’s exactly what makes the cases a bit cray to begin with. Protecting your cheap sweets with a $40 case is something you only do for style.


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