Archived: Eco Trends: Sofa maker recycles jeans into furniture

Sofa specialty shop NOyes has a new campaign to recycle your old jeans into home furniture.

denim jeans stool japan

Sofa manufacturer NOyes has announced a service available from this month to turn your old jeans into a cushy stool. Sure, the idea of re-using denim is not particularly novel—we covered the more artistic installation of recycled denim creations at last season’s Japan Fashion Week. However, when an otherwise ordinary furniture manufacturer takes up this sort of project it shows the extent to which the idea of re-using materials (and eco-friendly lifestyle in general) has entered the mainstream psyche.

denim jeans stool japan 2

The promo website shows the process of how your jeans (three pairs are necessary) are transformed into the finished stool, complete with a video that demonstrates the whole hand-made process. It is a neat way of re-assuring increasingly wary consumers that they can be sure exactly how and with what materials the product was created (original production of the denim aside). After all, if those jeans had been up to no good, only you would know.

The custom denim stool costs ¥36,720 ($400) and orders take three weeks to complete.



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