Archived: Flower Robotics’ Automated Mannequins

The automated mannequins from Flower Robotics are now officially available for purchase or rental (as of June), and are beginning to make their presence known around the city. Available in two styles, full body and upper torso, the “Palette” mannequins carry sensors that can detect people around them, turn towards them, and assume appropriate positions. What’s more, they possess an “intelligent system” that records audience reactions and helps them learn over time which poses are likely to generate a positive response. “Motion design software” also allows the people in charge to design and program a specific series of poses.

Now through August 16th, one full body Palette is on display as part of the exhibition “Made by Hand: Hanae Mori and Young Artists at the Contemporary Art Gallery at Art Tower Mito. The robotic mannequin models a paper dress designed by Yuko Nishimura.

A similar mannequin was also employed to model a wedding dress at the recent Bridal Industry Fair held July 28th at Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba. Meanwhile Flower Robotics founder Tatsuya Matsui was invited to take part in Google Map’s global “Favorite Places” campaign. Click here to see his favorite Tokyo spots.


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