Archived: EVENT: Amory Lovins at HUB Tokyo

While ShiftEast posts usually cover the myriad of innovations, people, events and concepts that make up the Asia region’s dynamic creative and technological scene, we don’t often blog about some of the interesting events that happen on our doorstep, perhaps because they are held so close by. Our office is based at the Tokyo location of Impact HUB – a space that is part event venue, part share-office, and all about fostering a real community of people who want to make an impact. HUB Tokyo often hosts seminars, lectures and workshops with individuals and groups of people gleaned from their global network, and there is an upcoming talk by one of Soft Energy’s earliest advocates, Amory Lovins, that we would be remiss not to mention.

Amory Lovins,Soft Energy Path, Renewable Energy

An environmental scientist, physicist, writer and recipient of a whole slew of various awards and accolades, Amory Lovins’ expertise, as well as his entrepreneurial spirit and persistence for over 40 years has seen him become one of the world’s leading authorities on the efficient use and sustainable supply of energy. In 1982 he co-founded the Rocky Mountain Institute, an independent, non-profit organisation that describes itself as not just a think-tank, but as a “think-and-do tank”. His knowledge has been sought after by leaders in both private and public sectors, and his list of clients include corporations like Rio Tinto, Wal-Mart, and Deutsche Bank as well as startups and governments in the U.S., Australia and Germany. He has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and Fortune magazine, and in 2009 was named one of Foreign Policy’s top 100 global thinkers as well as one of Time magazine’s most influential people.

Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute, Renewable energy, Self sufficient

While the question of energy as a resource and how to best utilise it is currently a hotly contested and much debated about topic, one of the fascinating aspects of Lovins’ work apart from his ideas on Soft Energy is his involvement in pushing for energy to even be put on the agenda long before governments, corporations and the mainstream media were acknowledging the need for such discussion. HUB Tokyo’s event is intended as a conversation that will also focus on the successes, struggles and strategies Lovins’ has experienced and implemented as a changemaker with broader questions that concern anyone interested in understanding, and potentially changing people’s mindsets thrown in the mix.

We will be in attendance, and if this is something that interests you too the event will be held on the 7th of November. For more information please visit the event registration page.


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