Archived: Louis Vuitton’s AR Circus

This holiday season we come across a very innovative collaboration campaign between Louis Vuitton Japan and au (KDDI). “Louis Vuitton Circus” is a seasonal campaign that bridges the world of high fashion, augmented reality, and social interaction.

Louis Vuitton Circus

The journey into magic begins at Louis Vuitton’s window display which invites everyone into the world of fantasy and illusion. Decorative animals and flying acrobats are coloring shop windows around Tokyo these days. Though they may seem so, these are not your average window displays. Rather they hold secrets in them to be unveiled connecting the virtual world with a real shopping experience.

Louis Vuitton Circus

Louis Vuitton circus and KDDI (Japanese second biggest telecommunication firm) have created a limited edition (until January 16) “story campaign” which aims at revealing Louis Vuitton Circus secrets through a series of experiences. The journey starts by logging into your personal FaceBook or Twitter account through a webpage that works with SATCH SDK– a Software Development Kit. Launched only last month, SATCH is using Total Immersion’s leading technology for mobile Augmented Reality (AR) Applications.

Louis Vuitton  Circus

This is where the fun begins. This AR application uses a camera device on Android mobile to detect the AR marker. Basically, the AR marker can detect 2D barcode technology (QR) and display it in 3D digital images or videos which pop out on your handheld device.

Shoppers are invited to use the phone’s camera to detect the encoded secret while using the campaign homepage on your PC, which is the first contact point. Then you head to a store window (with friends it seems) to interact with the window display sticker which gives another hint to the secret. The last step is physically entering the shop and receiving limited edition of AR cards which unveil the full secret using the application on Android.

The Louis Vuitton Circus campaign combines various media platforms, newest digital technology, physical experience and social interaction among several acquainted participants. It aims to enhance the interest and curiosity of thousands of Louis Vuitton fans, especially during the biggest shopping season in Japan.

Louis Vuitton Circus

Even more interesting is how virtual and real world social interactions are blended into a new definition of what is called “The Social Graph” and its impact on our social relationships. This campaign goes well together with the makeover of Louis Vuitton’s home page which recently has evolved into a digital platform beyond the web site as a bridge between customers and Louis Vuitton. Using digital interactive content for visual merchandising adds another layer to the shopping experience for a specific brand, rewarding consumers at many different levels rather than just through purchase decisions.

If you still did not have enough of the holiday magic, here is the making of the window display video for Louis Vuitton Circus.


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