Archived: Moleskine Blogger Puts Analog Posts Online

Takashi Betsui’s day job at an ad agency in Tokyo is decidedly digital, but his blogging life is much more analog than you’d expect. In fact, he handles all of his information with the same tools he has for years; moleskine notebooks and a collection of over two hundred different pens and pencils.

Typical online blogs do travel, food, culture, etc with a mix of words and images, but good images are really what makes a blog work. We’ve always run into that ourselves, as even a seemingly boring post can go crazy with the right picture. All of Takashi’s images on his blog Sync Ideas are drawn by him, as the site is really more a collection of scans from his notebooks.


Instead of featuring food porn (of which we are fans), Sync Ideas is all about creating the feeling of the meal, describing where it was, who was there, and combining a collection of sketches to make a blog entry that needs no formatting, no embedding, and is done entirely by hand.


Perhaps with the increase of drawing applications for tablets we will notice an increase of digital hand-drawn blogs, but there’s something really charming about doing your blog with pencils and paper, but still being willing to share it all with the world online without reserve.


Follow Takashi on Twitter at @hayetenokouji, and find more of his analog blog on Facebook as well.

via Shift East


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