Archived: Tanita Shokudo Dining Concept Serves Advice with Food

A new restaurant concept opened up this week in Tokyo for the rapidly increasing number of health conscious Japanese public. Run by health device manufacturer Tanita Corp. the replica Japanese office style canteen space, Tanita Shokudo, acts not only as a healthy food outlet but a place where diners can receive free nutritional and dietary advice whilst eating.


The opening of the restaurant comes off of the huge success of the Tanita Corp’s cook book. Made up of a selection 500 kcal meals from the company’s own canteen, the book was a major hit, and a great move that went far in asserting Tanita’s healthy image. The new restaurant follows the simple food principle of the cookbook and serves a daily dish and weekly dish that both contain under 500kcal.


Along with the food however it is the free dietary advice and counsel that is drawing the numbers to the eatery. On each table is a small portable weighing scale designed for customers to weigh their own 100g of rice to make sure it is the right amount for a healthy lunch set as prescribed by professional dieticians. Next to the scales there is also a kitchen timer which is meant for restaurant goers to time the advised 20 minute optimum time over which to consume the lunch or dinner meal.


Those at the restaurant also have the option of receiving a free consultation from a professional dietician in a special consultation room in the restaurant itself. Diners fill in a simple form during their meal and are then tested on Tanita’s own devices to asses BMI and other information before being given nutritional and lifestyle advice.


Although appealing the fact that the consultation room is however at the entrance to the restaurant and contains a huge glass window for other diners to see in whilst your bad eating habits are discussed did put me off somewhat!


The restaurant opening and concept is an interesting move from Tanita Corp at a time we have seen an increasing trend in the number of Japanese who worry about the change in dietary habits with the influx of more unhealthy Western food into their daily lives. The term “Metabo” meaning overweight has become a hot phrase over the last few years and has ushered in a number of new heath plans, food fads and diets. Whilst moving into this health food sector Tanita have not only tapped into a huge market but also strengthened their brand image to a growing consumer base.


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