Archived: Numabooks Bookshelf Cat

As we’re now gearing up to move into a bigger space we’ve been finding cool office designs all over Tokyo. BOOKSCAN, a company that scans books cheaply for customers ($1 a book!) in collaboration with numabooks, a group of creatives who uses books to make art, created a cool shelf installation in their office using books to create the image of an adorable cat.

As you can see from the holes in the wall for the installations, the shelves can be changed around to make different images and designs.

Not only do these make great design, but they solve our own problem of having too many books and no interesting way to show them off. Numabooks has done similar installations in IID, the Setagaya Manufacturing School and at NADiff, a multi-purpose building for art.

image via NAM BLOG

This installation is the numabooks × NAM collaboration,「NUMABOOKFACE」at the Setagaya Manufacturing School.

image via Spoon & Tamago

This is the Numabookcat installation at NADiff a/p/a/r/t Window Gallery.



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