Archived: Puzzle Pre-Fab Houses

Many of us have that dream of building our own home. But not everyone is an architect or a builder. More importantly constructing a house can take several weeks. Recognising the need for efficiency and our desire to build-it-ourselves several companies around the world have began offering prefabricated houses that can be constructed in very little time.

At this years’ Retail Tech Japan convention in Tokyo last week we passed by Hokusei offering the latest in efficient house construction.

Hokusei’s “Super-wood techno construction method” uses their “nexus next generation super wood block” technology that enables you to assemble a prefabricated home just like a puzzle in less than a week as in the video bellow (in Japanese).

According to Hokusei the biggest feature of the nexus block is that they can be unassembled and reused to build another structure should you be bored with your house or sick of your neighbours. The nexus block’s diamond shape disperses pressure and is apparently ideal for supporting structures that can withstand earthquakes and also provide insulation (picture below).

Of course in order to build the house yourself you would still need to employ construction professionals and use building equipment such as cranes but the main point is that you save time and money.

In the areas devastated by the 2011 Tsunami in Northern Japan where reconstruction has still not taken place even after two years prefabricated homes may be a great alternative for those families still waiting to move back to their hometowns.


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