Archived: Recycled Drumstick Robots Attack!

In Japan, the latest glimpse into a post-apocalyptic future imagines humankind on the verge of being wiped out by hybrid machines controlled by the evil spirits of our un-recycled waste. But instead of a mutant lizards or Ultramen, humanity’s only hope is a league of warriors called the Mokuseiderz whose bodies are made from the invincible material of….broken drumsticks!?! A side project of Japan’s Noah Sound Studio(pictured bellow) and sold by Miidori, the Mokuseiderz were thought up as a way to make use of piles of broken drum sticks littering the studios as a result of  overly enthusiastic drummers from up and coming heavy rock bands.  The fact that Mokuseiderz and Miidori’s Key Holders are fashioned exclusively from drum sticks make one think about the thousands of drummers and the hours of music that each small piece of wood has experience before being fashioned into a collectable.

Mokuseiderz are assembled from parts exclusively made from recycled drum sticks and additional parts can be sold separately so buyers are able to customise their own characters. The video bellow demonstrates how to put together a Mokuseiderz figure.

As most buyers will be unlikely to order the additional parts the product’s designers have created a team of six different characters (pictured bellow) each with their own name, and mythical abilities. All six wooden warriors are currently available to buy online and delivered in similar packaging seen bellow.

Recycled drumsticks are probably the least likely material one would associate with a collectable series of futuristic warrior figurines but it demonstrates a way of producing toys from more eco-friendly and sustainable resources. Major toy and collectables manufacturers have yet to make a significant shift towards products with more environmental credentials.Mokiseiderz generates both ecological awareness with its own character mythology based on the environment and provides an example of what we can do with our waste.

The Mokuseiderz must fight for the future of mankind!


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