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Last week saw the grand opening of a brand new total beauty facility from Japanese beauty giant Shiseido, “Shiseido The Ginza” offering shoppers far more than just a mere retail experience.


Situated in the heart of Ginza, a luxury shopping area in central Tokyo, the space consists of three floors of beauty related products and services. Aiming to provide “a place where you can meet undiscovered aspects of yourself,” Shiseido have created a very modern, fresh space featuring beauty parlors, product sampling areas, a photo studio and even incorporated some cutting edge interactive shopping experiences for customers to play with. Rather than simply a cosmetic or beauty products shop, the space gives customers a chance to indulge themselves in a far more engaging retail experience and immerse themselves in the full Shiseido brand experience.



The first floor features Shiseido’s full product lineup along with a number of fully interactive digital cosmetic mirrors. Customers scan a barcode of a chosen product and the “mirror” then automatically applies the product on the image of the customers face. Allowing shoppers to try varying shades of mascara or eyeliner from different angles, customers are able to virtually try the product and find the most complementing shades for them. There are also a number of scanning terminals where shoppers can scan products and receive more information including application tips and beauty secrets.

Shoppers are then invited to the second floor where they can chat with trained staff to find out more about certain products and cosmetics found on the first floor. There are also a number of booths allowing customers to trial different products, and a “Bihada Lounge” where professional counsellors can diagnose skin types using specialized equipment and recommend different skincare regimes. The whole second floor is a far more indulgent shopping experience, inviting shoppers to be pampered with a hair and makeup salon staffed by estheticians from the Shiseido Academy of Beauty & Fashion, and even a photo studio to capture ladies at their glowing best.



Moving up to the third floor also moves up the luxury ladder, exuding an elegant feel with a Swarovski crystal chandelier above plush carpet and individual counseling rooms for full private beauty sessions offering the brands premium products. Once again taking advantage of some of the most advanced beauty technology specialsed equipment and software designed by Shiseido, gives visitors the chance to learn more about their skin condition and offers a “total approach to beauty”. The private booths are particularly nicely designed with darker colors and sleek modern furnishings providing a more intimate space featuring massage chairs, showers, Shiseido branded towels and other beauty devices.




The interior is fully designed by Klein Dytham who are well known for their innovative and stylish work and is built around an “Arch” concept. Inviting customers to find hidden areas in the shop which each have their own distinct theme, whether it be a Moroccan looking powder booth or a more clinical treatment room, shoppers are encouraged to explore the whole space, try, buy and generally indulge themselves.


More and more brands are moving toward utilizing their spaces as more than just simple retail shops, aiming to provide a brand experience which becomes part of a consumer’s lifestyle . This idea of a fully immersive shopping experience works particularly well with the cosmetic and beauty sector, where shoppers can either pop in for their favorite product or spend the full day being pampered in luxury surroundings.

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