Archived: Tobidasu 3D Table Menu from TEC

Want to see what your food will really look like before you order? Sometimes a two-dimensional menu picture just won’t cut it, so TEC Japan has created the Tobidasu Menu (pop-up menu) to embed into restaurant tables. Customers can browse the digital menu by touch and then view individual items in 3D. We had the chance to see a demo up close and take some photos, though you aren’t able to experience the effect without the proper screen.


Below is an overhead view of some iced tea.


The demonstrator guided us through the menu, and also demonstrated an interesting novelty function of placing a hamburger bun on the menu and removing it to reveal a delicious beef patty with all the trimmings.


No word from TEC as to when/if the system will be available in restaurants, but it’s consistent with an overall industry push to get more and more touchscreen terminals and other technology into restaurants.


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