Archived: U-Mate Pedometer takes a Lap Around Japan

To be released on March 31st, gadget maker U-Mate is releasing the Lap Around Japan Pedometer (日本一周歩数計の旅), a device that you carry with you to count your steps and map out your virtual trip around the coast of Japan.


The tiny (14×42×78mm) pedometer counts the total distance around Japan from the starting point you enter. As you make your way through the 18,880 km journey (11,731 miles), you can zoom in and get information about 1,258 local sights, history, and products. Kind of like a Wikipedometer for city walkers.


Of course, the whole point is to be able to “travel around Japan” by commuting to work, a task that would take you about fifty years at a single kilometer per day. The concept itself is admirable, and is done in collaboration with the Japan Walking Association to encourage exercise.

Press Release


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