Archived: Virtual Mirror Lets You Try on Glasses

Popular Japanese glasses company Zoff have launched a new service on their website allowing users to try on their glasses using AR.


After downloading a plugin for the program users align their heads with the area marked out and the glasses appear on your face. It is impressive to see the glasses stay on the face as you tilt and move your head giving an idea of how they look from any angle. It was also possible to move a fair distance away from the webcam and the glasses still “stayed on”. You can then switch between a whole range of colors and styles to see which suit your face best and purchase them directly online. As you can see from the video you can also have a fair amount of fun seeing how a certain type of glasses may look on any face like object, or even making a particular celebrity look a little less/more cool.

Although AR mirrors are nothing new, and we have blogged about Shiseido’s Digital Cosmetic Mirror before, the technology is becoming more prevalent in the online marketplace aimed at driving sales up. Used with webcams in your own home this kind of AR technology could be great to help out those living in particularly remote areas too, where a short trip to the shops is impossible. Bringing the “high street experience” into the comfort of your home would also help those who have disabilities and find it difficult getting around busy city centers.

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